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Swaroop Techno Components Pvt Ltd, Pune is a group of most people-oriented, offering world-class hassle-free and excellent combination of the product with assured service and outstanding performance as quality, quantity & cost-effective solution to our customers. Well, the major reason for our company’s sustainable growth is the rise in noticeable demand for our products in the catalogue list. The company has many of the honours of being one of the most essential of all the companies that you would ever come across and thanks to the great customer satisfaction, and that is just what makes the company best DTH manufacturing company in India. We started this visionary project in 1996 with a team of 3 People in Pune (Maharashtra).
Now “WE” have become a family more than 1000 people families associated with us, we are growing and expending our services in Pan India & worldwide. STC is mainly engaged in the production of heat sink, GP GI CR Metal forming products, metal dish antenna, FTA set top box, LED lighting products and domestic flour mill. STC has spread sales and service across pan India. And still, we are moving on new product development, with our key expert team. Our journey is never-ending for innovation.....


The Way We Do the Things…
To serve the customer with the COMPLETE alignment of the organization’s thought process while delivering the goods & services. Keeping the code of business conduct as apex as values, we ensure ethical ways of working in every area of business. Our organization defines as a group of people working together with interested parties to fulfil the compliance on the common objectives with necessary infrastructure & techniques.

First in Mind & First in Choice…
Always with our systematic approach & updated business scenarios, we in STC are a motivated team who commits the competent product goods deliverable with the possible best real-time service under ethical manner adhering to the regional legislative norms.
Putting the customer first, we believe we strive to keep ourselves prepared. We believe in innovation which drives the business with empowering assets to fulfil environmental, social & trade norms. We do ensure to improve in a continual manner to serve & keep customer delight.


From the management desk

Swaroop Techno Components Pvt Ltd...
Trusted & proven name in the FTA set top box, Dish Antenna, LNBF in Info-Entertainment segment. In the metal segment we are ambitious and techno cautious with our best precession Press product in GP CRC as raw metal. Coming years we expect more expertise with custom design products with Quality deliverable in this segment. Our new product – Flour Mill, in-home appliance segment will take us to the customers' heart and satisfaction to us in the way of building the health of customers.
A free-to-air or FTA Receiver is a satellite television receiver designed to receive unencrypted broadcasts. Modern decoders are typically compliant with the MPEG-2/DVB-S and more recently the MPEG-4/DVB-S2 standard for digital television. We will constantly bring new and innovative products for our customers, so as to make their life easy.
-From The Leadership Desk...
Mr Narpat Mistri
Mr Swaroop Mistri
Mr Manoharlal Mistri (Group Directors)